Our studio,
our philosophy

SUMMUMSTUDIO® is a strategic design consultancy, with an interdisciplinary nature. Specialized in the design and development of corporate and private projects, in the contribution of value, and in the creation and execution of differentiating projects in Interior Architecture, Industrial Design and Branding design.

In SUMMUMSTUDIO®, the departments of Branding and Interior Architecture, Despite being independent human teams, they function as communicating vessels, which generates a very particular approach when designing any space. Each “movement” that we cause in the interior design project is due to a brand strategy, whose sole objective is to add value and position. This bilaterality also allows us to design and develop a graphic project in parallel, which focuses on communication media, signage and creating and promoting links between the space and the global brand strategy.

And this
is our team

Jose María Gimeno Jose María Gimeno CEO & Creative direction
Andrés Navarro Andrés Navarro Project manager
Monia Nejjar Monia Nejjar Commercial department
Inma Roca Inma Roca Branding & Art direction department
Ximo Carceller Ximo Carceller Architectural & Interiors / Product department
Gemma Tido Gemma Tido Architectural & Interiors / Product department
Berta Felip Berta Felip Commercial department
Carla Avellana Carla Avellana Architectural & Interiors / Product department
Pablo García Pablo García Branding & Art direction department
Patricia Vilar Patricia Vilar Architectural & Interiors / Product department
Edgar Mora Edgar Mora Branding & Art direction department
Carla Yago Carla Yago Architectural & Interiors / Product department
Soumaia Nejjar Soumaia Nejjar Branding & Art direction department
Luis Miguel Chulvi Luis Miguel Chulvi Web developer
Leticia Gaseni Leticia Gaseni Architectural & Interiors / Product department