Four entrepreneurial soulsgave life to CEVICA in Castellón de la Plana, and its history has been marked by an authentic symphony of passion, effortand dedication to ceramics.An entire family history woven with threads of tradition and linked to a powerful vision of the future that continues today at the hands of the second generation. An inexorable connection between past and future, experience and avant-garde, tradition and modernity.

Each and every piece produced at Cevica is created from a personalized approach according to the needs of our clients. A unique artistic expression,fruit of the work and dedication of the entire team.In each of the production processes, maximum care is taken of all the details that, accompanied by the latest ceramic decoration techniques on the market, seek to achieve total personalization and materialization of the dreams of all its clients.

Because design is dialogue. We believe in listening as a true catalyst for the entire creative and productive process. Where each ceramic piece is capable of telling a truly unique and exciting story. A key witness of the commitment to honesty, quality and service to each and every one of its clients.A story of union between artisanal tradition and innovation,to result in a unique productwith designation of origin.And from the sum of the entire set of corporate values, the concept that will mark the new corporate claim arises. Thus creating an entity capable of bringing together all its essence in the same tagline to completely differentiate itself from the competition, providing the new visual identity with added value.“The Tile Atelier” is a new philosophy of understanding ceramic productionsmall format. It is a unique and personalized vision capable of giving the product and its production process personality, agility, quality, care and attention, to achieve as a result a brand with business muscle and artisan character.

client: Cevica
category: Brand Identity