Clara Ceramics

From the tireless search for beauty in its purest form, a unique way of understanding ceramics is born through a new brand, Clara Ceramics, based on different associated concepts that marks us, Clara Ceramics, based on different associated concepts that marks us. They will serve to found its values, such as: transparency, clarity, purity and honesty.

Inspired by the elegance and sumptuousness of transparency, Clara Ceramics isa true demonstration of simplicity, minimalism, quality and honesty. A brand that stands on very solid foundations that support it, leavingglimpse their professionalism and kindness in every detail.With a clear, elegant and purely timeless product. Its essence is based on the incessant search for natural perfection.

The place where light meets form and ceramic inspires a promise of incomparable timelessness that dazzles the world.A brand that was born supporting a pure, almost material product without “hidden vices”, where each piece is forged under the conviction of providing clarity, purity and personality to each space. Dressing and transforming environments into true corners with soul.Where honesty reaches every corner and every space.

A brand that also speaks of success in professional relationships, where respect, clarity andcommercial transparency highlights highly professional human treatmentand honest, with the aim of establishing a solid presence in the marketinternationally and at the same time, maintain a close and linked relationship with the marketoriginally.


client: Clara Ceramics
category: Brand Identity