Exagres Catalogue System

The objective of the proposal is to present to Exagres the new graphic linefor the brand's catalog collection.The graphic concept revolves around the creation of a style proposal: solid, sober,elegant and timeless. Which will guarantee that the design style lasts in the future.time more easily.A proposal that advocates the use of gradient colors, to provide graphic continuityto the “encyclopedia”, and with a range of colors reminiscent of the environment, within order to emphasize the connection with the authentic, with the natural.

All this without leaving aside the language and technical details, which are emblematic ofbrand and differentiating detail. To do this, on the covers, and through cardboard.specials, we will work on the concept of touch and textures, language linked to the worldof ceramics, introducing graphic techniques and special finishes to provide theproposal of greater singularity, within a homogeneous and elegant framework.

Internally we seek an evolution in the way of presenting and displaying information. we chasegreater visual impact, therefore we will go to large format “full” images to get more performancevisual to infographics. The textual content will be represented in a more technical way, with pages ofgeneral breakdown, not by color. The pace of reading the catalog is very important to us, therefore, so thatis not so homogeneous, different layout templates for environments and parts will be created, with theobjective of making the search for information more agile and enjoyable.

client: Exagres
category: Editorial Design
awarded project: Anuaria Selection Best Catalogue 2023