Flexbrick Catalogue


The skin is the outer layer of our body that surrounds and protects us. A complete human somatosensory system that works dynamically and has a symbolic characteristic because it is where the body and the soul come together. FLEXBRICK acts as the skin that surrounds the most avant-garde buildings, protects them and offers them that singular and unique decorative character. The perfect fusion between avant-garde architecture and the power of light.

Under the creative concept of "Architectural Skin" we will generate a totally experiential catalog that reflects the power of light and architectural volume and in turn acts as a visual metaphor for the material itself. A catalog that will represent avant-garde architecture, revealing those halos of light inside with that unique skin that surrounds it. A more poetic and emotional way of communicating and conveying the values of the product and in turn, to transmit the differential benefit of the same.

client: Flexbrick
category: Editorial Design
awarded project: Anuaria Selection Best Catalogue 2022