Gorgonia Residential

For the creation of the name of the residential we have been inspired by an exclusive and singular species of the seabed, the white coral, more specifically in the species of Gorgonians. Gorgonians are a species of white coral that live in marine reefs at great depths and inhabit coral forests at the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea.

They are very unique, elegant living beings and of incalculable value, since there are many benefits they bring to marine ecosystems. In addition, they have a structural appearance with refined shapes that together create visually exquisite and stately seascapes.

Corals convey values such as quality, purity and exclusivity. That is why we find it very appropriate to link ourselves to this type of species, which gives us all this series of intangible values. And that, in addition, impregnates a marine character and gives a certain Mediterranean touch to the brand, very necessary to communicate and link the proximity of its location with the sea.

In the logo design, we have used a very fine and elegant typeface, which together with the drawn icon of a white coral, visually and directly transports us to the bottom of the sea. In this way, we created a timeless, sophisticated, select and stately logo, with modern and stylized lines adorned with the coral icon that directly links us to the most refined part of the sea.

client: Gorgonia Residential
category: Brand Identity