Roberto Nicolas Foundation

Since the beginning of life, human beings have lived surrounded by nature, that wise entity that for so many centuries has endowed us with all the mechanisms and impulses destined for our own survival and happiness. What has generated a neurobiological connection of the human being with it.

A special bond that has existed and exists in all cultures on the planet, because the human being cannot survive without that constant relationship with the environment. But the evolution of our species today has caused society to distance itself from this feel natural, so that these ties that unite us are getting further and further away due to our way of life in large cities with high degrees of pollution and low rhythm of frenetic life, which has had a negative impact on our own species.

From this innate link with the environment, Innate was born, a creative concept that focuses on reconnecting with nature, with what is truly important, innate and authentic.

At the Roberto Nicolás Solsona Castillo Foundation, we work to value the natural environment that surrounds us, awakening the awareness of society to join forces in its protection and care.

We want to make people feel the importance of its protection and care in order to reconnect with ourselves, strengthening the ties that unite us to preserve and protect it, developing a global sustainable awareness.

The logotype of the Roberto Nicolás Solsona Castillo Foundation represents at first sight this neurobiological connection with nature, through a main structure that functions as the brand's isotype and reflects a tree connected to thousands of scattered dots that convey the idea of emotional bond and its time they form a structural parallelism that shapes the human brain shape.

The visual identity helps us to transmit the creative concept of the brand through an innovative, disruptive and differentiating visual discourse.

client: Roberto Nicolas Foundation
category: Brand Identity