Saloni 50 Anniversary Catalogue


Our reflections are part of our identity, an intrinsic projection of oneself in the form of an intangible flash that evidences our essence. Through it, we become aware of who we are and what we transmit. Truthful reflections that are born on the extraordinary natural stones. Those that captivate due to their resplendent character and lucid semblance, and whose features are emphasized, when intermingled they form a uniform structure with the sole purpose of enriching a space.  Through the metaphor of "reflection", we seek to directly associate the appearance of the new collections inspired by bright and sophisticated marbles with the symbology of the word itself. In the end, our reflection is still the image we project abroad, a true image by which we are recognized and identified. A living reflection that speaks from the essence of the materials about the passion and experience of a whole career after 50 years dedicated to ceramics.

client: Saloni
category: Editorial Design