Unexpected Hammam

WOW Design presents UNEXPECTED HAMMAM, a sensory space designed by SUMMUMSTUDIO, where Architecture and Design converge under a cultural approach capable of turning your visit into an immersive experience. Calm, water, and depth divided by halos of light create an atmosphere of reflection, where you can escape and connect with the senses in an essential space installed in the heart of CASA DECOR 2022.

We developed a space where small-format ceramics take a leading role and adapt to the different uses within the hammam, covering all surfaces, showing their different finishes and also separating spaces, through a novel lattice, ICON, which WOW, is proud of. to present in this edition of CASA DECOR.By applying the lattice on the perimeter walls, we seek to convey the sensation of being in a much larger space, and the dripping that slides in its intricate shapes reminds us that water and steam condensation are present in this space. Next to the lattice we have a sheet of water (barely 80 liters), which collects part of this dripping and which accompanies the visitor with its soft undulations. The bench, essential in a Turkish bath, adapts to the ceramic shapes and appears as a guide on the route to the steam room, which hidden in a small recess offers the visitor a surprise at the end of their journey.

Using a large format LED screen, we simulate a space full of steam in which a silhouette is drawn that sends us a message by writing in the condensed drops on the glass.We also have a ceramic floor, made of small tiles that simulate ancient traditional uses, and vaulted ceilings, covered with ceramic, faithful to the purest tradition of an oriental humid space from where focused projectors highlight the most outstanding elements. The atmosphere is completed with indirect lights and the ambient sound of water.

client: Wow Design
category: Exhibition
awarded project: Best of Show Casadecor 2022
awarded project: Emporia Plata 2022