Villa María

The exclusive value of history.

What is the value of owning a piece of a city's history? Villa María is a property whose architectural construction represents and keeps alive the neoclassical values of the Renaissance Belle Époque in Benicasim. One of the most precious mansions on Paseo Pilar Coloma located in front of the Mediterranean Sea, and whose architecture, distribution and plot shine with their own light above all others and make it a home of unparalleled historical exclusivity.

Having a place as emblematic as Villa María as a residence in such a unique environment is a totally privileged experience dedicated only to a few.

For the elaboration of the Visual Identity of Villa María we have based ourselves on its unique and attractive architecture, to form an icon that represents the monumental residence at first glance. In addition, the iconic symbol is accompanied by a modern and current typeface, which together with the symbolism of the waves of the sea, transports us to the shores of the beaches of Benicasim and its authentic natural environment.

client: Villa María
category: Brand Identity