Woodstraps is a modular lighting concept, created from laminated wood veneer sheets, which incorporates a continuous lighting system inside. Said straps are subjected to specific tensions through a set of buckles, which allow us to play with the flexibility of the sheets, creating tension knots that cause these fibers to open, favoring the emanation of light.The system itself is capable of creating different types of lamps: suspension, ceiling and wall lamp. Obtaining in this way, a lighting system capable of molding into the type of lamp that is desired according to the position of the buckles.

The lamps are handmade from FSC natural wood veneer, ensuring their origin from controlled forests and guaranteeing sustainability and environmental commitment. LZF lamps’ wood veneers are treated with a technique patented by LZF, called Timberlite©, that allows this fragile material to become flexible and resistant without the need of any chemical processes

Through its making, by playing with the placement of the buckle, the user can alter its geometry to better suit their purposes and create a different shape. Furthermore, Woodstraps is a family of decorative lamps, alowing multiple surface placements and combinability.

client: LZF Lamps
category: Lighting