Saloni Marbles Catalogue

Delicate, lively, powerful, full of details, sophisticated, noble, shiny, made based on long years of experience and tradition. This is how Jewel by SALONI was born, a collection that brings together the best selection of marbles. The balance between design, art and poetry. The perfect harmony that is born from the constant effort in the search for perfection. A proposal that invites us to discover the origin of the purest matter through each and every one of the collections that make it up in the form of sensory travel, like true jewels that under their unbreakable union are capable of inspiring, decorating and embellishing any environment that surrounds them.

We want the first catalog produced by SALONI under the new brand and identity umbrella is conceptualized and treated like a true treasure. A catalog that gives an exponential value to the brand and a distinctive and sophisticated character, elevating it to the category of unique jewel.

client: Saloni
category: Editorial Design