Undefasa Marbles Catalogue

Beauty is defined as a sensory quality, an intellectual pleasure that is perceived through the five senses. An emotional perception linked to satisfaction and well-being that attracts and traps us. It is said that beauty lies in any entity or matter in an original, almost innate way and you only have to know where to look to find it. Today we are in that search, a journey in search of authentic natural beauty. A stony, innate, almost golden beauty that the noblest dazzling marbles possess in an original way.

Following this concept and making a parallelism, our creative concept was born, chosen for the development, design and execution of the next marble brochure, Innate Beauty by Undefasa, an allegory that values the innate beauty of the purest marbles, the one they possess intrinsic and natural shape, engendering captivating sparkles and resplendent shapes on its surface. A beauty that we capture under the same creative concept in a single catalogue. A catalog that gives the brand exponential value and a distinctive and sophisticated character, elevating it to the category of a unique collection, capturing its true essence through an amalgamation of different noble materials.

client: Undefasa
category: Editorial Design