In a world in which noise deafens our lives, true acoustic comfort becomes a jewel to protect and treasure, to keep the purity of sound more alive than ever. Full of different nuances and tonalities, the sound moves and transforms as a powerful and vibrant sound flow that constantly changes to adapt to the environment.

Because there is a place where noise transforms into silence, where every whisper, every musical note takes on a truly extraordinary and enriching role to generate an immersive sensory experience that captivates the senses.Under this new paradigm, the concept that will mark the creative axis of Ideatec's new identity is born. A brand that was born with a promise: to transform noise to offer a truly unique and comfortable acoustic experience that guarantees people's well-being and correct acoustic insulation.

To develop the restyling of the brand, we have chosen to make a fairly important qualitative leap at the branding level, because we believe that the brand needs it, so we completely align the value proposition with the proposed creative concept and with the values ​​that we want to convey, a fact that has led us to completely rework the graphic bases of the logo.The main objective of the restyling of the Ideatec brand has been the search for a brand: Clear, sober, powerful, forceful and timeless. Able to transmit values ​​such as: technology, design and avant-garde, but at the same time thinking about a living identity, such as sound. Which bases its chromatic range on a halo that is inspired by sound waves and their movement, graphically contextualizing it in colored spots in continuous movement to provide it with dynamism. Regarding typographic development, we have chosen a solid and timeless typography, which by reworking it through different cuts and details seeking to simulate a parallelism with the morphology of the ear, provides personality, character and freshness to the brand.


client: Ideatec
category: Brand Identity