Neolith Cevisama 23

Inspired by the human being's ability to be surprised and by the power of infinite curiosity that leads us to get excited every time we receive and/or give a great gift, 'Unboxing' was born. An experiential space inspired by the beauty of the deepest nature. An introspective journey that will reveal the interior of the purest materials, through an ephemeral architectural space that turns the client's visit into an immersive experience in the universe of jewelry and the noblest materials. The architectural concept of the stand accurately reproduces an almost magical moment, the surprising sensory perception that happens when we open a great gift, an allegory that shows us the inside of a large box opening and exposing all the novelties in an exclusive way. Signature.

client: Neolith
category: Ephemeral
awarded project: Cevisama Best in Show 2023
awarded project: Emporia Selection